Start at the Beginning

One of the reasons that people are hesitant to get involved in apologetics is they do not know where to begin. While I understand the fear, if we lived by that we would never do anything.

I would not recommend starting the way I did. I was a Christian for just a few months and I began debating skeptics online (actually this was before the internet and was on something called Fidonet). You can still find quotes of what I said online.

So how should you start? Although I didn’t do this, I would recommend getting some strong biblical, theological and apologetic background. Definitely do not start until you have read the Bible front to back and the New Testament multiple times. There are plenty of good introductory apologetics books that you can read. I would also suggest listening to some apologetics podcasts or apologetics courses on iTunes.

The key is not to become an ‘apologetics junkie’ without ever doing apologetics. Even after reading two books you should be ready to try. You do not begin by debating a philosophy professor. You begin by keeping your ears open to apologetics opportunities. Listen to see if these topics come up in conversation. Look for ways to introduce apologetics-related topics into conversations. Bring up books and documentaries. Be on the internet. If you can’t find apologetics opportunities on the internet you are not trying.

What I really want you get is that you do not start with an official apologetics ministry. What I mean is that you make a decision to live apologetically. It means that you live out 1 Peter 3:15 and are prepared to defend as people ask you questions. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?



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