Devotions: Malachi

A devotion based on Malachi 1:8.

The Old Testament provides very clear guidelines for the sacrifices offered to God. Because God is holy and righteous, only the best animals are to be sacrificed. In the days of Malachi, the high standard for worship had fallen significantly. The priests were offering animals that were defective in many ways. In fact, the quality of animal offered to God was far below what they would offer to their human rulers. This is not the way it was to be.

We no longer offer animals sacrifices to God. However, we still offer worship and we are in danger of making the same mistake as the priests. Do we offer our best to God? Does God get our leftovers? This is not just about money, it is about all that we are to give God. How seriously do we take our worship? In Jesus, God gave us his best. We must give God our best.

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