Pets as Family

We had a loss in our family tonight. That’s right. We sold our four guinea pigs.

I never expected to have guinea pigs. Just over a year ago, Amanda came home with a guinea pig. Then she came home with another one. And then another one, but that one was pregnant. And that is how we welcomed guinea pigs into our family.

After selling off a few, we settled with Ninja, Mavis, Arwen and Pip. The kids became especially close to them. Even our cat liked them (no, not as food). The day at the Bedard house began and ended with them squeaking for food.

But things have changed. Now that I am without a full-time job, we feel the cost of feeding four guinea pigs. Plus, we are looking at selling our house and likely renting somewhere. It is hard enough to find a place where we can bring a cat and a dog.

The guinea pigs had to go.

Poor Emma was just heart-broken. She cried and cried. She is the one that feels these losses the most keenly. We are all a little sad.

The worst is that it is a reminder than none of our pets will be with us forever. We are much closer to Halo (dog) and Whitney (cat) and yet one day they will get sick and die. Pets are so much more than living decorations. They become a part of the family.

So think of our kids as they lose this part of their lives.

guinea pigs

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