Basically I am Qualified For My Occupation

Good NewsMy good news for this week (really the last two weeks) is that I am now a qualified military chaplain. While I completed my BMOQ (Basic Military Officer’s Qualification) a couple of years ago, on Friday I graduated from my BOQ (Basic Occupational Qualification). The first course was to train me to be an officer and the second to train me to be a chaplain.

This was a bit of a strange situation for me. I had done bits of my BOQ before and so I came in to do the last two weeks of the four week course. This could have been difficult as most of the candidates had been together for the previous six weeks and the rest for two weeks before I showed up. It would have been easy to be the odd man out but the group really welcomed me in.

One of the highlights was having a Jewish rabbi as my roommate. I took the opportunity to observe his practices and to ask him questions about his beliefs. Starting my day by listening to his morning prayers was always a great way to begin.

I really enjoyed the course and I feel as if I am even more prepared to serve as a military chaplain. I look forward to putting what I learned into practice.

Military Chaplains
Myself and two other Baptist military chaplains


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