Devotions: Matthew

A devotion based on Matthew 6:10.

When I was in public school, we recited the Lord’s Prayer every morning. The church I attended prayed the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday. At least for that generation, the Lord’s Prayer was one of the most well known passages of the Bible. The problem is that the words can become some well known that they blend into generic liturgy.

The second sentence of the prayer includes a request that is easily overlooked. The prayer is for God’s kingdom to come. The kingdom is not a place but is the reigning of God in the world. The same authority that is in heaven should be made manifest on earth. This is something that we need to do more than pray. When we obey God’s Word, when we put others first, when we stand for justice, when we love the unlovable, it is then that God’s kingdom comes. This is an aspect of the Lord’s Prayer that we have some power to see answered.

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