Devotions: Mark

A devotion based on Mark 8:33.

The Apostle Peter is known for saying and doing the wrong thing but one of the worst experiences was that which resulted in Jesus calling him Satan. Not even the denying of Jesus resulted in such a harsh rebuke. After calling him this name, Jesus went on to explain that Peter had set his mind on the things of ‘man.’ This is the same Greek word as ‘people’ in Mark 16:27 when Jesus asks about those who do not know his identity. Peter’s sin was falling into non-disciple thinking.

What is our understanding of Jesus? The New Testament gives us plenty of information on the identity, mission and commands of Jesus. It is not difficult for a Christian to know who Jesus is and what he wants for us. But it is possible to step out of non-disciple thinking. We can look at Jesus through the eyes of what the world thinks is right rather than what the Word says is right. It is then that we must reset our eyes on the things of God.

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