Birthday Reflections

Today is my 46th birthday. My personality would lead me to look back on my life. However, I am making a choice to look to the future. I have decided to make some goals for this coming year. I intend to look back at this post and see how I did. Obviously, I could make goals for every area of my life but I am choosing three areas to make things more attainable.

  1. The most important area of my life is my family. I am a workaholic and it is easy for me to fill up all my time and leave nothing for my family. My goal is to shut my computer between the time when the kids get home from school and dinner and leave that for only family time. I will be intentional in spending more time with Amanda and the children in addition to this time.
  2. Another important area which affects the first goal is my health. I have sarcoidosis and that is not likely to go away any time soon. I need to make good choices both in diet and exercise. That will begin by walking the dog regularly. We are looking at a YMCA membership for January.
  3. Money is not everything but it is something. At the moment I have two part-time jobs which is not enough to provide for my family. I have applied for another job that I am very interested in but won’t hear about until the new year. I also have been working on my own business. My goal is to be making enough money to provide for the family.

I want to make the goals more measurable and yet this past year has reminded me how uncertain things can be. I am going to start with these general areas and then see what happens from there. Please pray that I am successful in each of these areas.

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