Light in the Darkness

I mentioned last week that it had been a hard day and I found it difficult getting my weekly good news. I hoped that this week would be easier.

It wasn’t.

While today was not as intense as last Sunday, it was just as emotional if not more so. It would be really easy to dwell on the rough things that are happening in our family. But the point of the good news posts is to get me to see the positive when things are challenging.

As I was putting my girls to bed, I was aware that my blog was expecting me to type in some good news right after and I had nothing to say.

They asked me to read a story, requesting only that I not read another Fancy Nancy story, which I was happy to comply with. I found an old Dora book that we hadn’t read in a long time. Faith grabbed it from me and so I told her that she could read it.

And so she did.

Bedtime ReadingFaith read to us the bedtime story. She did an extremely good job. Of course they have been working a lot on reading at school but it gave me the needed boost to see her confident enough to read it to me without me pushing. I had a huge smile and enjoyed every moment (even though it was Dora).

Sometimes when things look dark you need to look at any sparkle of light. Tonight my light was shaped like Dora the Explorer but the light came by Faith.

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