I. Howard Marshall and the Book of Acts

There are certain scholars that I know I can go to their books and find good solid evangelical scholarship. I. Howard Marshall is one of those scholars and his Acts commentary is no exception.

The Tyndale commentary series has been out for some time. Because it is a less technical series and is aimed at students, pastors and laypeople, the quality varies from volume. Marshall’s commentary on Acts is one of the best.

Marshall is a specialist in Luke-Acts and so what he writes comes from years of scholarship. He has been wading through these questions and issues for a long time.

I found this commentary to be enjoyable to read. I assigned it as a text for a Bible college course I taught and I am thankful I did. Marshall touches on on the major issues and interacts with some of the main critics. At the same time, it is written so the college student, pastor or Bible study leader can understand it.

Marshall may be an older scholar and this may be an older commentary but if you have an interest in Acts, I would suggest that this is the best place to start.

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