Sarcoidosis: A Year and a Half Later

I realized that it has been a while since I gave a health update and I do get asked about it regularly. For those of you new to this blog, here is a bit of my background.

A year and a half ago, I became very sick. For many months, the doctors had no idea what was wrong but then they narrowed it down to being most likely lymphoma. A biopsy revealed that it was not lymphoma but was actually sarcoidosis.

Normally the hope is that a few months of prednisone will knock it into remission with no other problems to worry about. While the prednisone did improve my symptoms, it did not do the full job. I was then put on a different medication which I have just recently went off.

Coming off that medication, I am experiencing the same muscle and joint pain that I experienced before. Some days are quite painful. I also find that my fatigue is increasing. I will be seeing my doctor soon to work on the next step.

On the good side, I am doing relatively well. I passed a military physical and made it through a couple of weeks of military training with no problem (although it took some time to recover when I got home). I also am not living in the fear of the unknown as I was before it was diagnosed.

My sarcoidosis is not gone and I expect to deal with it for some time to come. Still, it is much better than some of the alternatives that I was facing.

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