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I am very blessed with the people in my life.  People who remind me to check in with myself, to be real with myself, to stop acting like life isn’t hard.  Life is hard; it is demanding of all my being, to remain calm and aware of my own state of mind at any given time of any given day.

A few years ago I learned a lesson, a very important lesson; I’m not super woman.  I acted like it, somehow I pretended that life with 5 kids wasn’t demanding, that I could be everything to everyone in my family.  Mom’s often do have that complex, and often times life does revolve around mom. I’m going to talk about this aspect because it’s my experience, realizing that my experience is just that, mine.

I struggled many years after the realization that I wasn’t super-woman, to balance the idea of self-care and how that would look with young children. Taking time for oneself can many times seem selfish…and I suppose it is but there is a miscommunication, self care may be selfish but its a difficult practice.

I’ve heard the phrase, “if it’s easy, it’s not the right choice.” The right things in life are often the most difficult. Making changes in ones life, whether to be healthier, nicer, friendlier maybe less friendly. Change is against the norm, the norm means comfort, it means easy…but the norm for me was killing me, from the inside out.

I had to make a change. I had to look after myself. Self care remains, to this day, a difficult practice for me, in fact many times I have had to leave the province to somehow make this happen.  At this time in our life, I realize that I’ve fallen off the self care wagon. I’m trying to be all to everyone and I’m just not equipped this way.

Thank you to my friends and family who have reminded me directly and indirectly the need for this important practice.  That I’m a better mom, a better wife and a better person when I do the self-care dance.  Finances aren’t there to leave the province, although there is a cute little baby boy in Vancouver who I’d love to have the chance to meet, I’m trying to find new ways to practice this fine art of self care.


What ways do you look after yourself?

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