How I Started Blogging

I invaded the blogosphere (do people still use that word?) in 2006. I had just published my first book (with Stan Porter), Unmasking the Pagan Christ, and discovered that someone (Ian Clary) was reviewing our book. His reviews were appearing on something called a weblog or a blog. I read some more of his posts and I saw the potential for blogs.

My first blog was called Down by the Bay, it was named that because we lived on the shores of Georgian Bay in Meaford. On that blog, I posted about everything and nothing. It was a way for me to experiment with blogging. Eventually it came to focus on family and autism. After we moved away from Meaford, I renamed it Down by Abby as we had moved to be closer to our daughter Abby.

Two years later, I started an additional blog. This one was initially called Apologia and it had an apologetics focus. You can find my first blog post, which has been migrated to this blog, here. Apologetics blogging was something that I really enjoyed and it took up much more of my time. I later renamed the blog, Hope’s Reason, both because there were too many other things called Apologia and I was doing other projects under the Hope’s Reason banner.

Sometime later, I went through the Arrow Leadership Program and had my vision for ministry and leadership renewed. I decided to start a third blog called Cassiciacum, named after a villa outside of Milan where Augustine used to meet with his friends.

Obviously running three blogs is too much. That is why I merged them into this one blog. Many (but not all) of the old posts have been migrated to this blog. I hope that you take the time to search through this blog and find posts that may be helpful. This blog does have biblical/theological posts as well as leadership and personal posts. I see discipleship as the link that brings them all together.

I continue to enjoy blogging. I still see the potential and I hope that people find the things that I write or share helpful.

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