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This Monday, December 8th, I will be doing something I’ve never actually done before. I will be unplugged from the internet. I will be spending the day writing in my journal, praying for God’s guidance and fasting. I feel in this current struggle, in order to find some solace, I must seek God. I’m choosing to turn my eyes upward when all I want to do is throw my hands up in defeat.

Almost 3 years ago Steve and I made a very difficult but needed decision, we moved from our comfort, from a beautiful house on the water, a comfortable income, a comfortable neighbourhood. We took the step of faith that we believed God was asking us to take, one I still have no regret making. But in stepping out in faith, we’ve encountered many obstacles, dead ends and trials.  A pretty good sign you’ve made the right decision, but not without challenges.

So on Monday I will spend the day while the kids are at school doing these three things:

Reflection: to remember and reflect on what God has done for us over the past 3 years since we stepped out in faith, to journal the things that I have learned, experienced, felt. Times of closeness, times of seeming distant, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Confession: to admit to my mistakes, to confess and ask forgiveness. This may be areas in which I have turned my back on God or it may be in how I’ve treated someone else. I will seek out the forgiveness both of my creator and those who I’ve offended.

Proclamation: to spend time in prayer, reading and professing scriptures of promises and blessings. Recommitting myself to the tasks at hand, to God, to family, to friends, to church.

I’d like to invite you to join with me on Monday. Either to participate in prayer and fasting for your own family, or to join me in prayer for my family as you remember us. If you do choose to pray for us, here are a few areas in which we could use your prayer.

Relationships: healing, bonding, patience.
Finances: job for Steve or I, Gods continued to provision
Direction: Hope’s Reason Ministries
Perseverance: for the road ahead with autism, adhd, and a new diagnosis to learn about and work through.

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One thought on “Prayer and Fasting | Ramblings about faith, hope and love”

  1. I will be praying for you and your family. God will meet you in this time of focussing solely on Him and bless you. I know because last January, in what I came to call “January For Jesus”, God asked me to give up all internet and clear my calendar of all previously-booked appointments except worshipping at church weekly. I spent every day of January with Him, for Him and listening to His voice. He showed me tons about Him and tons about me. What I learned about Him was jaw-dropping; what I learned about me was also jaw-dropping in a different way :))

    God bless you for being obedient.

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