Devotions: Acts

A devotion based on Acts 16:30.

In this story, God releases Paul and Silas from jail in the city of Philippi. When the jailer discovered what had happened, he was prepared to commit suicide as he knew the punishment he would face from his superiors. He was surprised, therefore, to discover that the prisoners had remained even though the chains were broken and the doors were open. The jailer asked Paul how he could be saved. Although his first concern was probably about how his life could be saved after a jailbreak, Paul responded by how he could be spiritually saved through Jesus. Ironically, by coming to faith in Jesus, the jailer’s life was saved as well.

What do you want from God? You may be very specific about what you feel you need. It may be money or relationship restoration or something else. God may respond in a way that you have not asked or may not even want. The truth is that God knows what is best for us, just as he knew what was best for the jailer. It may be that God provides for our needs in a way that we never expected.

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