Feels So Write

I have been trying to feel my way ever since I stopped working at Faith Today. Working as a padre and as a teacher has filled up some of my time. I did write some articles freelance but not that much. Nothing has scratched the itch that I have felt.

Then yesterday I started a project that I have wanted to do for a long time. I began work on an eBook on helping churches to minister to families with autism. My working title is “Making Your Church Autism-Friendly.”

This is a very important issue for me both as a former pastor and as a father of two children with autism.

There will basically be two sections to the book, one telling our story and the other giving practical suggestions on how churches can support families with autism.

I am close to half done the first draft of the book. I must say that it feels so good to be working on this. This is what I want to do, to provide practical resources for churches. When it deals with autism, it is even more fulfilling.

So this is my good news for the week. I have begun the eBook and I am looking forward to getting it finished and out there for churches to use.


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