A Bible Worth Writing In

I remember many years ago hearing someone comment with enthusiasm about a new Bible they had bought. My thought back then was, “It is only a Bible, there is nothing to be excited about.”

Well I need to tell you about a great Bible that I just finished reading!

It is called the ESV Journaling Bible. There are many things about it that I appreciate.

One is that it is the English Standard Version. I really enjoy this translation. It has quickly become my favourite translation of the Bible.

This particular copy of the Bible is beautiful. Although you can get the Journaling Bible in other formats, this one is particularly nice.

The best thing about this Bible is the wide margins for taking notes. I will confess that this was a struggle at the beginning. I don’t like to write in books. Even when I write my name and number in a book that I lend, I make sure to do it lightly and in pencil. It was my son who helped me break my barrier. He took a pen and drew circles in the front of the Bible. I figured I might as well use it for notes.

I have used this Bible in three ways. I took a course on Mark at Acadia Divinity College and I wrote all my notes in my Bible. I read through the Bible for my devotions and made a comment for every chapter I read. I bring my Bible to church and I make notes based on what my pastor preaches.

This Bible has been a tremendous blessing to me. Best of all, it will be something for me to pass on to my children at some point in the future. If you are looking to purchase a Bible, this is the one I recommend.

This one is kind of expensive but I think it is worth it. You can choose the cheaper alternatives and still get the great notes.


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