An Attack on Christian Values or Canadian Freedom?

Trinity Western University (TWU) has had a horrible battle with its attempt to establish its law school. The province initially approved the law school but the TWU law school then faced the disapproval of various law societies. Now the province has backed down and revoked their approval of the law school.

The issue at hand is TWU’s lifestyle covenant, which in part requires sexual activity of students to be limited to a marriage between a man and a woman. Although this by far affects more single heterosexual students than anyone else, it has been seen as an attack on the LGBTQ community.

What seems to be happening is that various people/organizations are trying to take a stand for human rights by punishing TWU for their stand on sexual activity (even though it is not aimed at the LGBTQ community).

There is a terrible irony here. In order to stand up for the rights of one group (LGBTQ), they are infringing on the rights of another group (evangelicals). How can that be considered acceptable?

Some see this decision as an attack on Christian values. That may be part of the situation but there is more.

I see this as an attack on Canadian freedom. As Canadians, we (not just Christians or evangelicals) have been given the right of freedom of religious expression. Part of the expression should be the right for a private, evangelical university to have a lifestyle covenant that reflects their religious beliefs. This is not an attack on the LGBTQ community. If a homosexual really wanted to attend this evangelical university (why would they if it does not represent their values and there are so many other recognized alternatives?), they would be free to do so. They would just have to do what single heterosexual students would have to do.

I believe that all Canadians, and not just evangelicals, should be concerned with what is happening. Canadian freedom is no longer guaranteed. If certain people disagree with the beliefs of a group, their freedoms can be taken away by a vote.

Today it is evangelicals. Who is next? The rights of all, including both evangelicals AND the LGBTQ community, should be protected.

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