Reflections on Reading Darwin

I recently read Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Although I wish that I could do a book review, I am definitely not qualified. Science is not my background and it probably was my worst subject in high school. The most I can do is to share some thoughts I had while reading it.

Charles DarwinI did not go into this book with a firm conviction that all forms of evolution are false. While I would most likely label myself as an old earth creationist, I am open to some form of theistic evolution. I say this to explain that I did not read the book with a firm philosophical stand against evolution.

While much of the book was dreadfully boring (it is a science book after all), there were other parts that were extremely interesting. Darwin’s descriptions of various animals and the parts of their bodies that enable them to survive their specific habitat were fascinating. I must confess that I struggled to write that sentence without using the word ‘design.’

That was in fact my main reaction to this book. As Darwin spoke about the complexity of life and the slight but vital differences between species, I felt more assured that this was the result of some sort of intelligent design. Darwin seemed to have noticed this as well. He would acknowledge that it looked like it was designed but then would assert that with enough time these things would happen on their own.

I guess my thoughts on Darwin would be that he had some excellent observations but some strained explanations. The things that he reported on are very helpful. However it seems that his theory as to how these things took place seems like more of an assertion than anything else.

I would suggest that if life has evolved in any way such as Darwin suggests, that evolution would need the guidance of an Intelligent Designer such as God.

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