Why Should Your Church Care About Autism?

Should your church care about people with autism? Should your church attempt to reach out to families touched by autism? Should autism and other disabilities be a part of your ministry focus?

Let us be honest, it would be easier not to. If you would like a nice, professional worship service marked by excellence, it would be easier to do so without a child with autism shouting out lines from movies. The volunteers needed for children with disabilities could be spread out to make an impact on a greater number of “normal” children.

Having said that, the Bible never suggests that the direction for ministry should be determined by what is easiest.

The message of the Old and New Testaments is that God has a special place in his heart for those who are disadvantaged. Part of that message is that God’s people are expected to sacrifice in order to help those in need.

I have noticed a lot of attention in the media about autism. It will not take too much digging at the CNN website to find some story about autism. These are not just scientific studies arguing about the latest research. These are stories that call for compassion for those with autism and their families.

I just can’t believe that the media is more compassionate than the Church. If that was true, I don’t know what I would do.

I am going to make the assumption that the Church is compassionate but just lack the knowledge of what to do.

This is why I wrote How to Make Your Church Autism-Friendly. This is not a money-making scheme on my part. As a parent of two children with autism, I know that churches need to be prepared to welcome and minister to families touched with autism. This Kindle book shares the story of our family and then outlines practical ways for churches to become autism-friendly.

I pray this resource will be of use to you and your church.

I also encourage you to check out my autism blog.

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