3 Steps on How to Grow Your Blog

Assuming you are blogging regularly with some quality posts, I have a foolproof way of growing your blog. There are only three steps. Read very carefully.

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Achieve the goal.
  3. Repeat.

I am not kidding. It is as easy as that. What do I mean and how does it work?

First, you have to set a realistic goal. Say, you get around 60-70 visitors a day. Set a goal of getting 100 visitors a day. That is a realistic achievement and yet a significant improvement.

Now it is time to work. It is not enough to just hope for those 100. Look at the posts you have done that have had more hits and write one of them. Watch your stats. If you have 90 visitors by noon, you are laughing. If you have 5 visitors by noon, you will have a busy day. Do what you have to in order to get those numbers up that day. Write an extra blog post. Post a viral YouTube video to your blog. Link to your post on social media. Find groups on Facebook that would be interested in your post and link there. Don’t get discouraged if you get 90 visitors that day. Keep working until you get your 100 on a regular basis.

Then you do it all over again. You have your 100. Instead of being content with being a 100 per day blog, set a new goal of 150. Again, keep it realistic but stretching. This one will be easier because you have already seen what hard work can do. Learn from your mistakes and your successes. You can do it!

The most important thing is that you understand the difference between a hope and a goal. I hope that I wake up tomorrow and find that I had 100,000 hits in a day. But that is not my immediate goal. A goal is something that you expect to achieve and will feel disappointment (but not discouragement) if it is not reached.

Attempt this plan with your blog. Even if you want to grow your blog 5 visitors at a time, that is fine. Also, it does not have to be visitors. It can be subscribers, shares, sales, etc. Just take your blog seriously and do the work to make it grow.

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