How to Promote Your Blog Posts With Facebook

A long time ago, when the earth was still cooling, bloggers could set up a Facebook page, post a link and the traffic would just come. It was the golden age.

Those days are long gone. Facebook has changed and keeps changing their algorithm to make those posts much less likely to appear on people’s newsfeed. Basically, they realized what people were getting for free, could be offered at a price with a great profit. They were right. Those who simply rely on their blog Facebook page are bound to be disappointed.

Does that mean that Facebook is now useless for promoting blog posts? Not at all. Facebook is the top referrer of visitors to my blog. It is just not based on my Facebook page.

How does one use Facebook to promote a blog?

The easy way is to pay Facebook to promote your posts on your page. You can either boost a post on your page (you can get great results for as little $5) or you can do an actual Facebook ad (also quite reasonable). This is good, but if you are like me, you may not have the money to hand over. It might be best to reserve this for major announcements or to use as part of a strategic campaign.

This is what I do to drive traffic without spending money.

  • I post links on my Facebook page. It is here and you should come visit. It does not send me much but it is important and needs to be part of the solution. By the way, if you don’t like how few people see your posts, go to other pages and share their posts. They may do the same for you.
  • I post links on my personal Facebook profile. While I wanted to rely on my page, the reality is that more people see my personal profile than my blog page.
  • I find Facebook groups that have people interested in the topics that I blog about and I post there. This is probably the most successful way of promoting on Facebook.

I find that all three of these are needed. When done together, you can use Facebook to send people to the important content that you have written on your blog.

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