Devotions: 2 Corinthians

A devotion based on 2 Corinthians 12:10.

The Corinthian church was one that prided itself on its spiritual strength. They had spiritual gifts in abundance and this put them in a position of power. Paul had a lot of work to do to correct them. To do this he shared a personal story. Paul had some unknown problem and he asked the Lord three times to take it away. The Lord refused to give him what he wanted but instead reminded him of his grace. It is then that Paul reminds the Corinthians that Christian strength is found in weakness.

Everything about society tells us that we need to seek personal strength. This may be physical, financial, authoritative, influential or any other type of strength. If we lack any of this, then we are a failure. We need to remember Paul’s teaching that Christian strength is found in weakness. When we acknowledge that we are weak and powerless, we make room for God’s strength to take over. Our lack is not time to despair, it is time to hope in God.

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