3 Things You Can Do to Encourage Apologetics in Your Church

One of the greatest frustrations of people involved in apologetics is the lack of interest in their congregations.

“Apologetics is so great! Why can’t everyone else see that?”

To be honest, there probably was a time when you weren’t interested in apologetics. It does no good to get frustrated. As someone said, “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a candle.

What kinds of apologetic candles can you light? Here are three simple suggestions to begin to grow interest in apologetics. Hint, none of them include using the word “apologetics.”

1. Speak Intelligently About Your Faith

I am not talking about trying to show off by using fancy words. That is just annoying. I am talking about demonstrating to others that faith and reason are not opposites. Do it humbly and with a respectful spirit. Make sure that it is all based on biblical truth.

2. Recommend Good Books

I don’t suggest handing out dozens of books with “apologetics” in the title. That word scares some people off. Recommend books by thoughtful Christians. Don’t push the books, just gauge interest and share as appropriate.

3. Engage Thoughtfully With Important Issues

The easiest thing for a Christian to do is to react to an issue emotionally. Not that emotions are bad, but responses to important issues should be based on reason. When other people get all upset, be prepared to step in with a calm and rational word.

This may not sound like the kind of apologetics you want to do, but this will help to lay the foundation for apologetics in your church.

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4 thoughts on “3 Things You Can Do to Encourage Apologetics in Your Church”

  1. Thanks for this post! These are things I needed to know as one who wants to tackle this issue intelligently as a novice Christian case maker.

  2. One thing I started doing last year, was that I noticed the ‘Apologetics’ in our church was very thin (and mostly were outdated too). I began donating once a week my weekly ‘tithe’ in good updated apologetics books. The church librarian knows what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve (I plan to start up an apologetics training class during our mid-week class sessions at the church). The American evangelical church is woefully inadequate in its training for defending its faith, so this is my little part to help correct that.

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