What Podcasts Do I Listen To?

I drive a lot. We do everything outside of the city we live in. We don’t even go to church in the same city. Because of all that time in the car, it is nice to listen to podcasts.

I thought I would share the podcasts that I listen to. There are other great podcasts available, even ones that I have subscribed to. But I have had to limit them to make the number manageable. They are not in any particular order.

Reasonable Faith – The apologetics podcast of William Lane Craig.

Just Thinking – Mostly apologetics-related sermons by Ravi Zacharias.

Right Reason – A podcast by philosopher Glenn Andrew Peoples.

History of Philosophy (without any gaps) – A very interesting history of philosophy, not from any religious perspective.

Philosophy Bites – Interviews with some of the top philosophers. Often from an atheist perspective.

I don’t listen to it any more because it has been completed, but one of my favourite podcasts was the History of Rome.

I can’t help but mention my own podcast, Hope’s Reason: A Podcast of Discipleship. I think it is good, so go and check it out.


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