Just a Cup of Coffee

This past week has been pretty rough. I’m not trying to complain, I’m just setting up context for my good news. I had a very bad flare up of my Sarcoidosis. We have been having a very difficult time with one of our children. Now I have some sort of cold that makes my head feel like it is in a vice (actually three of us have this cold with a fever). Did I mention that I am not complaining?

Yesterday was very difficult in particular. There are more details that I will not share. I was laying on the couch with my mom’s old comforter that never fails to induce a nap. The full weight of how I was feeling physically and emotionally was hitting me.

StarbucksThen a friend of ours showed up with Starbucks. It is not the brand that is important (although that particular London Fog tasted very good). What was important was that someone knew we were having a rough day and they did something small that made an impact.

It was a kind gesture. Literally. Kindness is putting care into action. I have often felt concern or care over what someone is going through but I have not acted on those feelings near enough.

Did a couple of cups of Starbucks cure Sarcoidosis, mental illness or the common cold? Nope. But it was a nice reminder that people care.

What kind act will you do this week?


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