The Connected Child

A number of years ago, there was a big rush of families in the West adopting children from Eastern Europe. Since their orphanages were full, it seemed like a great idea for everyone. However, as the children began to get older it was obvious that something was wrong. Many of them had a form of reactive attachment disorder and/or other issues.

The fact is that adoption is much more complicated than just bringing a child into a loving family. Our three youngest children are not our biological children. Although we brought two of them home from the hospital, we have still had issues. All three have the same mother and not only was there not proper prenatal care, there was also substance abuse.

Connected ChildThe Connected Child by Karyn Purvis, David Cross and Wendy Sunshine was written for parents who have welcomed children into their families. It includes scenarios of children neglected in orphanages, abused by biological parents and substance abuse. They acknowledge that these are all difficult situations with no easy solutions.

The authors provide examples of behavioural interventions, demonstrating right and wrong ways to respond. They also include an interesting section on ways to use diet and supplements to help children cope.

As a parent with at least one child in this situation, I sometimes found that their answers were overly simplistic. Still, there are some very good principles that are very practical. I highly recommend The Connected Child for any parents that have brought a child into their family.

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