Devotions: Colossians

A devotion based on Colossians 4:3.

Paul was a super-Christian. He was so close to Jesus that whenever he wanted something he just needed to call in a favour. Paul was so powerful that his relationship with other Christians was always just one-way. None of that is true. Paul experienced weakness and concern and uncertainty. Paul was not afraid to ask other Christians for prayer. He coveted (in a good way) the prayer support he received from the churches.

There are two applications from this passage. One is for Christian leaders. There is no need to pretend that things are perfect. Do not be afraid to ask others for prayer. The other is for churches. How often do you pray for your pastors and other leaders? They need your prayers even if they never ask you for them. Ministry is never one-way. It is done in community and pastors and congregations need each other’s support.

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