Newsboys, Deconversion and Atheism

Recently, George Perdikis, co-founder of Christian band the Newsboys, has posted on the Friendly Atheist about his embrace of atheism.

I am not here to condemn Perdikis. I don’t know him and only can comment about what I read in his blog post. I will say that his post is a part of a phenomenon that I myself have participated in. Atheists love the stories of Christians who become atheists and Christians love the stories of atheists who become Christians. This fascination is not likely to go away any time soon.

Perdikis’ story is gaining some attention because of his connection to the Newsboys. This connection should not be made too much of. The Newsboys did not become popular until their album Not Ashamed which came out after Perdikis left. He claims that they are not as perfect as people think and I agree that this is likely true. None of us are.

I have a few observations about his post. It seems that he was pushed into the Christian spotlight and that he was not as keen on it. He certainly does not paint a picture of being a Christian zealot before his “deconversion.” It looks like personal issues, such as his divorce played a major part.

He mentions reading books on science that pushed him over the edge. The authors he names are atheist evangelists who have an agenda when it comes to faith. Richard Dawkins is explicit in his books that he wants Christians to read his books and leave Christianity. Science is by no means incompatible with faith. Science is the friend of faith.

Why did Perdikis become an atheist? As I said, I don’t know him and I don’t want to guess. But his blog post does not offer any good reasons for a deconversion. Some atheists may jump on this story because of the Newsboys connection but it seems to be more a story of one church guy who was never sold on Christianity, who found a way that he was more comfortable with.


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