My Next Co-Author

I received in the mail the print copy of my latest book, How to Make Your Church Autism-Friendly. Our eight-year old son Justus was duly impressed. In fact, he was inspired to write a book with me.

Justus BedardHe is very excited about this. He grabbed my notebook and we went down to my office and he started writing our book. He started off by writing down how great life is and how he has the best family in the world.

This really touched me. Justus has some issues, much of which are beyond his control, that make life, including family-life, difficult. It is sometimes difficult to find ways to connect with Justus. Justus has decided that the way is going to be a book. He wants his sisters to co-write but they seem less than interested.

I really have no idea where this will go. He may lose interest. He may get bored. But just the fact that we could talk about this and that he could start our book in such way qualifies as very good news. Even if the book ends where he left it tonight, it will be a fantastic book.

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