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Social media marketing is relevant for every area, whether you are a church, business, blogger or speaker. However, it takes much more than a few blog posts or the odd Facebook post. Training in social media marketing is very helpful.

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As a result, I took the Diploma in Social Media Marketing through Alison. If you are not familiar with Alison, they offer a wide range of courses, mostly business and computer related, for free. There are some pretty interesting topics and it is worth checking out.

How was this social marketing course? It was not perfect. It assumes that the student knows nothing and begins with how to sign up for things like Facebook and Twitter. Anyone who has been active on social media will find a lot of content that they already know. Also, it is an older course and so the modules on Facebook are out of date. While some is still applicable, other lessons are too old.

Having said that, it was still worth my time. I did learn things that I did not know. It taught me to be more intentional in what I do. It was also good for getting students to see the opportunities that are out there. Much of the course is taught by Chris Farrell. Chris is a great communicator and it costs a lot to get his training elsewhere.

So if you are interested in learning more about social media, I recommend that you take a look at this course. This should not be the end of your training but it is a good start.

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