A Blessed Sunday

My good news for this week is that this has been a wonderful Sunday. We decided that I would take Justus to church while the girls stayed home. I had to stay for both services and that would be too long for the girls, plus Logan was coming for a visit at 11:00 am.

Queensway Baptist ChurchThe reason I had to stay for both services is that I was preaching at our home church, Queensway Baptist Church. I love our church and it was an honour to be able to share. Our pastor has been going through the letter of James and has been giving us excellent messages. It was nice to have the opportunity to partner with him by preaching from one of the passages. The congregation was very encouraging in their response.

To make things better, one of the ladies from the church took Justus out during the second service so that he would not have to stick around. He had a great time and they even bought Amanda and I an anniversary cake. That by itself would be good news.

After church, another family invited Justus over for a play date for most of the day. This was nice because Sunday is our day to have visits from Logan and Abby and it can get pretty hectic. Justus had a great visit with his friends and we had a great visit with Logan and Abby.

The evening was supper with some yummy anniversary cake for dessert. That was capped off by five games of Monster High Uno between Emma and I. At least I won two of them.

All in all, it has been a good day and that is good news.

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