Devotions: Titus

A devotion based on Titus 3:9.

By the time we get to Paul’s letter to Titus, we are reading a more mature and experienced apostle. While Christianity was originally just trying to distinguish itself from traditional Judaism, at this time Paul had to face a number of heretical tendencies within Christianity. False teachers of various stripes had appeared and it would only get worse. As Paul passes ministry on to Titus, this young man would have his hands full. But Paul does not encourage him to fight every battle. While major doctrinal issues, as Paul has demonstrated, are important, there are plenty of controversies that are not worth getting involved it. Titus needed to pick his battles carefully.

When it comes to religion, there is no lack of controversies. Both between world religions and within Christianity, there are plenty of differences to argue about. Some of them major, many are minor. This is especially true when it comes to discussions between Christian denominations. Christians can spend all of their time debating the smallest things. While it is important to stand strong for historical Christianity, we also need to remember to pick are battles and focus on the things that are important.

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