Seeing a Miracle

Good News
Good News

There is no guess work when it comes to my good news this week. We have seen some amazing things over the last couple of days.

Our son (not our son with autism) has some mental health issues that include some very difficult behaviours. We have been working hard with professionals to find him some help. This includes a mix of medication and behavioural strategies.

On Thursday, we took him off one of his medications. Please note that I am not condoning that people simply cease taking prescribed medication. We had been in discussions with one of the doctors about this.

Friday night, we saw some improvement. Saturday morning, we saw our old son back. He was happy with himself and compliant with our requests. He was nice to his sisters, playing and sharing with them and even helping them when needed. There was a brightness to his eyes and a smile to his face.

We did not know if this was a one day wonder or if it would continue. Sunday morning came and he was still happy. He did hit some obstacles when he didn’t get what he wanted. He became angry, but he then would implement the strategies he has been taught to deal with that anger. This is something that he normally does not do. We had a great time at church and he was able to deal with things much better than normal. He had a few angry moments during the day, but nothing like before and he quickly recovered. He was able to focus on tasks and he played with Lego for much longer than he normally could.

We do not know what the rest of the week holds.  All we know is that the last two days have been much better than we could have hoped for. We have seen a miracle and that is good news.


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