So Many Blessings

Some weeks are easier than others to write my good news post. This was one of my easier weeks. We received a number of fantastic blessings this week.

One of the most important for me has to do with Amanda. She had some serious health concerns recently. Having seen someone else with similar symptoms, we were worried. This week we received the results of tests and everything is fine!

As you may know, I am without full-time employment. This means that we are also without medical coverage. As of this week, we now have medical coverage!

You may also know that two of our children are in group homes because of issues surrounding their autism. At this moment they are in different group homes but by next month, they will be living together in the same group home (not either of the ones that they are at now). We are so excited about this. They will be together for the first time in a number of years. They get a long great during their home visits and they obviously love each other. This is great news, but please pray for the transition, especially for Abby.

There have been many other little blessings, but these are three that have really made our week. Thank God for good news!

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