Devotions: Hebrews

A devotion based on Hebrews 4:15.

The author of Hebrews is writing to Christians, probably of Jewish origin, who are struggling with their faith. Should they remain Christians or should they return to their former Judaism? The author has a very carefully crafted response that focuses on the identity of Jesus. Loyalty to Christianity stands or falls on who Jesus is. The author begins by arguing for the deity of Jesus and his superiority over all angels and prophets. But in this verse, the author reminds his audience of Jesus’ humanity. Jesus really was human and he really does know our temptations.

Who do we understand Jesus to be? Is Jesus so lofty that we cannot imagine him understanding our struggles? Jesus was a real human being and he experienced all the temptations that we do. The difference is that he did not sin. In those moments when we feel so alone, we need to call out to the Jesus who truly knows what we are going through.

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