Thus Saith My Daughters

I have good news and bad news. However, I am only going to share the good news. I will say that sometimes good news comes just when you need it most. That is one of the reasons why I do these good news blog posts.

Queensway Baptist Church
Excited to be at church!

This morning at our church, Queensway Baptist Church, we had a family worship service. Now you may say, isn’t every service a family worship service? Sure they are. But this service was intentionally put together to include all ages, from children to youth to adults. The children went to the front to do actions for the songs and they also stayed at the front to do some art that interacted with the sermon. It was a lot of fun. I am thankful for our pastoral staff and those that worked with them to make this happen.

That alone would have been great, but there is something more that makes it my good news. My daughters and I had the privilege of reading the Scripture in service. It was broken down into different parts and we each read from the pulpit. My daughters have never done anything even close to this before. They did absolutely amazing in my completely unbiased opinion.

To be able to stand in church and read the Bible to the congregation with my daughters really made my day. This was my good news.

You can still pray about the bad news.

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