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My most popular posts

I have been blogging in some manner or other for about ten years. This particular blog is a bringing together of my three previous blogs. Since the amalgamation, it has been interesting to see which posts have caught the attention of my readers. Here then are my top five posts, chosen by you.

1. Three Reasons Why Rick Warren is a Heretic

This is by far my popular post. Unfortunately it is also my most misunderstood post. In the post I take a satirical look at some of the criticisms of Rick Warren. The problem that some people have in interpreting this post is they don’t read the Scripture references I provide.

2. Setting the Record Straight: What I Really Believe

This post emerged out of some frustration I felt by people both here and on Facebook. Some Christians have very narrow definitions of what they consider acceptable beliefs. That is fine. But what I wanted to do in this post is set out what I believe so that those who strongly disagree with me could unfollow/defriend me and no one be shocked when there would be differences of belief. By the way, I am happy to connect with people who disagree with me, I just don’t want any surprises when people discover what I really believe.

3. 5 Things to Know Before You Become a Pastor

I pastored for fourteen years, as a youth, associate and solo pastor. It was a very rewarding career. But after fourteen years I knew certain things that I did not know when I started. I decided that it was time to share those lessons, not to scare off potential pastors, but to allow them be more aware pastors.

4. 8 Myths About Apologetics

I find that there are a lot of Christians who dislike apologetics. When I dig deeper, I discover that they have quite a few misconceptions about apologetics. In this post I attempt to dispel some of the myths about apologetics that people have.

5. 10 Things That Apologists Should Know About

I love that there are Christians who are interested in apologetics. But my fear is that some budding apologists will have extremely narrow interests that will leave them vulnerable. I fully believe that we need specialist apologists, but that is no excuse to ignore other relevant subjects. In this post I suggest ten areas that apologists should know at least something about.

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