5 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog

BlogI personally find blogging to be very enjoyable. But what about writers who do not currently blog? Is there any point in starting to blog? I would like to share five reasons why writers should consider blogging. This is especially true for those just starting out but it is applicable to more experienced writers as well.

  1. Blogging is writing. Don’t take the attitude of sticking with “real” writing rather than blogging. Why wouldn’t blogging be real writing? Is it because it is unpaid? I hate to tell you this but there are people who make way more money blogging than some others who sell to magazines or get their books published.
  2. Blogging is practice. Becoming a better writer requires practice writing. Imagine what that would do for your writing if you blogged every day.
  3. Blogging gives ideas for other forms of writing. Blogging requires you to think up topics for blog posts. You need to be doing the same thing for writing articles. You may find that writing a blog post gives you an idea that could turn into a more in-depth magazine article.
  4. Blogging gets your name out there. Your blog probably will get out to more people than many of the articles you write. At the very least it will get out to a wider range of audience. You may find more opportunities for writing through blogging. I have had magazines contact me through my blogging.
  5. Blogging provides a platform for your other writing. Imagine that you finally get your first book published. Wonderful. But where are the sales going to come from? It is not enough to just have copies in a warehouse somewhere. Publishers do some marketing but there is more and more expectation that authors will promote their work. Blogging is one of the best ways to do this.

Are you a writer or do you want to be one? My suggestion would be that you start a blog. Even if you cannot blog every day, blog as consistently as possible.

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