Getting Some Exercise

I can almost guarantee that this good news post has nothing to do with what you think. It is true that it is about health and my physical state but it is not about running or pushups.

As you may (or may not) know, I have been on a long road of recovery since being diagnosed with sarcoidosis over two years ago. Not that I will ever be “cured” of sarcoidosis but it is possible to have a better quality of life than when I first became sick.

One of the unknowns with becoming sick was what that would do to my military career. In many ways, that is still an unknown. However, I have recovered enough to be much more active with my unit than I had been.

Yesterday I spent the day with the soldiers as they were on a weekend exercise (see what I did there?). This is the first time that I had been able to do this since I first became sick.

I really enjoyed my time with them. It is fun to watch them train and to have conversations with them about anything and everything. I had not realized how much I missed being out in the field with them.

So that is my good news. I am thankful for the improvement in my health and for the opportunity to be a padre in the army reserves.

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