Family Ties – Postscript

I recently blogged on how the group home where our daughter with autism was living was fighting the decision to move her into a different group home where our son was also going. This was creating tremendous stress for our family.

I am happy to report that today both our son and daughter moved into the same home. I don’t want to focus on the negative. We are just so thankful that after almost four years our children can be together once again. They have such a special bond that it is perfect for them to be together. This is an answer to prayer. This is family.

For those who were praying for this situation, we thank you.

This picture was taken today for our children at their new group home


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2 thoughts on “Family Ties – Postscript”

  1. Currently living the fractured and scattered family situation our selves, we truly know what this new arrangement must mean for you all. What a blessing this is! Bask in the peace this will bring to your heavy hearts. May all your clouds develop silver linings…

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