Why is Apologetics Important?

I recently asked some people why they thought apologetics was important. This is what they said.

“The question isn’t: do you have an apologetic? Everybody does. The question is simply: is it a good one?” – Andy Bannister

“Because it is commanded; because it is desperately needed; and because the other side is coming for our kids. We can hide from the problem or we can prepare for it. I’m in favor of preparing.” – Tim McGrew

“Apologetics is important because Jesus, Jude, Luke, Peter and Paul gave people reasons to believe and thought we should do the same.” – Mikel Del Rosario

“Apologetics is important because the Bible commands it, reason demands it, the world needs it, and results confirm it. “ – Tim Barnett

“Today, we seem so concerned with making the gospel ‘relevant’ to the culture. But through apologetics, we present the reality of God’s redemption of humanity through the historical crucifixion and resurrection. Apologetics doesn’t seek to make the cross relevant to us. It demonstrates the cross as the expression of how we are relevant to God.” – Abdu Murray

“There are three priceless benefits to be found in Christian apologetics: It informs seekers, inoculates the saved, and impacts society.” – Michael Licona

“To enhance the believer’s faith and convict the nonbelievers of the falaciousness of their beliefs.” – Trevor Ray Slone

“Apologetics is about knowing *why* you believe *what* you believe. Without apologetics, I would have become an atheist years ago.” – Thomas Rauchenstein

“I would give two reasons why apologetics is indispensable in Christian discipleship: (1) It is no longer optional in cultures in which biblical assumptions about the world have, at worst, all but disappeared and, at best, are hotly contested, placing Christians in a pagan mission field all over again. (2) But even if biblical assumptions were still popular in our culture, loving God with our minds is an indispensable part of spiritual maturity and any discipleship program that ignores it is incomplete.” – John Njoroge

“For the last 2,000 years, Christian apologetics continues to strengthen and inspire faith, hope and love in Jesus Christ.” – Andy Steiger


If apologetics is so important, what will you do to introduce it to your ministry?

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