Devotions: Jude

A devotion based on Jude 3.

Like James, Jude was a half-brother of Jesus. His letter may be short but is filled with both theological and pastoral truth. One of Jude’s main concerns is the theological integrity of the church. People had infiltrated the church with false doctrine and this in turn had begun to corrupt the Christian life of the church. Jude’s command was that they “contend for the faith.” This not a passive wishing but a determined struggle to stay faithful.

Many Christians do not like to talk about theology. Some feel that theology will drain all of the passion out of a relationship with Jesus. There is no reason to believe that this is accurate. All healthy relationships should be based on truth. It is just as important for churches today to contend for the faith. Unless our faith is based on truth, everything else will just wither away.




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2 thoughts on “Devotions: Jude”

  1. Good post. I’ll use your remark ‘All healthy relationships should be based on truth.’ while trying to convince many of my Christian friends that theology IS important. Thanks.

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