Together Again

My good news for this week is about our children, Logan and Abby. I have been talking about how they were moving into the same group home. That did take place and today was their first home visit since their move.

I was greeted at the door, with Logan exclaiming, “Hi Dad!” Abby was excited as well. This was the first car ride I had with them together in a number of years. As I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw huge smiles on both of them. Then I saw just as big a grin on me.

We had a great visit with them. But there were some complications when it was time for them to go back. Amanda was going to drive them, but Abby got upset. I drove her here and Abby wanted me to drive her back. That was fine.

On the drive back to the group home, Abby was still upset. There were tears in her eyes and loud sounds of sadness. It is heartbreaking to see her like that.

This time in the rear view mirror, I saw Logan’s hand move up to her face to comfort her. He even tried to give her his Woody doll.

This is part of what it is like to have children with autism. They feel emotions like anyone but it is not easy for them to communicate them.

My feelings about Abby’s sadness were helped by the act of compassion that Logan gave toward his sister.

Overall it was a great visit and we continue to rejoice in the fact that they are together again.



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