Science vs Religion

Science and religion are enemies. Or at least that is what some people would like us to think. One of the battlegrounds of this idea is the proposal to teach intelligent design as an alternative to evolution. ID proponents have not asked that evolution be removed from the schools, only that ID could be talked about as one of the dissenting views.

The response is always: Evolution is science and intelligent design is religion.

Is this true? Trevor Ray Slone in his new book, Science vs Religion, addresses this very subject. Slone sets up his argument by laying the logical foundation and providing the required definitions. Slone looks at each of the issues carefully, interacting with a number of sources. While Slone is a young earth creationist, we does not fight for just that view. He includes old earth creationism as something of value, even if he disagrees with that age of the earth.

If a reader is intimidated by the issues surrounding the intelligent design controversy, this is a good introduction. Slone does not talk over people’s heads. He writes in his own voice and includes many personal illustrations.

Available in Kindle, this is a very affordable introduction to an important topic. Make sure to check out Trevor Ray Slone’s Science vs Religion.

Canadian readers can purchase it here.


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