Devotions: 2 John

A devotion based on 2 John 1:7.

Not a lot of people read 2 John (less read 3 John) but there is some important teaching here. Some of it is a continuation of what John taught in his first letter. As with the first letter, John here mentions the antichrist. For many people, the antichrist is a powerful end-times figure who is a servant of Satan. Here, John uses it in a different way. There were those who denied that Jesus came in the flesh. For some, only spirit was good and flesh was necessarily evil. Since Jesus was good, he could only be spirit and not flesh. For John this teaching represented the spirit of antichrist.

Who and what is Jesus Christ? That question is just as important now as it was then. While for those in John’s time, the issue was that Jesus could not have been human, for many today it is more that he was only human. Whatever the error, biblical truth requires a full understanding of the incarnation. Jesus is both God and human. That is the only way that the atonement works. Jesus must be able to bridge the gap between humanity and divinity in order for our sins to be paid for.

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