One Down, One to Go

Stephen BedardYesterday, I finished teaching a course on the Parables of Jesus at Emmanuel Bible College. I really enjoyed teaching this course and I probably learned as much as my students. The students in the class were very good and I appreciated the conversations we had as we looked to apply what Jesus said in his context to what this means for us in our context. Emmanuel Bible College is a great school and I encourage you to check them out.

Speaking of good schools, I will soon be teaching another course at Tyndale University College. From July 9 to August 6 on Thursday nights, I will be teaching Romans as part of their modular program. This is a great program for students who work full-time but still want to earn a theological degree. This may be a program that you should check out.

I am thankful for these opportunities to teach the New Testament and to interact with some great students. Make sure to check out both schools.

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