Mary, Isis and the Great Virgin

In a previous post, I demonstrated that Horus was not born of a virgin as Isis was likely not a virgin before the conception and because Horus was conceived through sexual intercourse. That would seem to be the end of it but it is not.

Jesus mythicist Acharya S has written an article called “ISIS IS A VIRGIN MOTHER!” The capitals and exclamation mark are hers.

In this article, she acknowledges that in some versions it does seem as if Isis is impregnated by Osiris’ penis. However, she denies that this excludes Isis from her role as a virgin.

As is often the case with mythical figures, despite the way she is impregnated, Isis remained the “Great Virgin,” as she is called in a number of pre-Christian Egyptian writings. – Acharya S

I have not read through the Egyptian texts to see if she is indeed referred to as the “Great Virgin.” For the sake of argument, let’s say this is true, although I would like to do more research.

Let us see what we have for Isis:

  • She is impregnated through sexual intercourse.
  • Despite this she is exalted as the Great Virgin (if these claims are correct).

MaryAnd what about Mary?

  • She is impregnated without sexual intercourse.
  • Despite this, she is NOT exalted as the great virgin in the Scriptures. In fact a plain reading would suggest that Mary gave birth to a number of other children the good old fashioned way.

But I thought Mary was exalted as the Great Virgin?

The ideas of Mary’s perpetual virginity and her religious role as an intermediary are later developments within the Roman Catholic Church. They are not found in the New Testament. Was the later church influenced by the Isis myth? We do know that some of the earliest Christian art was that of Mary and baby Jesus, inspired by art depicting Isis and baby Horus. It is possible that there was some later influence.

I am simply arguing that there is no indication that Mary as depicted in the New Testament was inspired by the story of Isis. There are almost no similarities between the biblical Mary and the Egyptian Isis.

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