Surprise Visit

I have been taking a class on ethics as part of my military training. I really have been enjoying it, both in what I have learned and the fellowship with other military chaplains.

My plan was to stay at the base where I have been staying but at the last minute, I decided to make a visit home on Sunday afternoon. Amanda was in on it but the kids were very surprised. I got some pretty big hugs and I had only been away a week!

I am so thankful for Amanda. She has to take on a lot to give me these opportunities. Not only the general taking care of the kids but the unexpected, such as Justus getting quite sick as soon as I left. It was great to see Amanda. My daily phone calls with her really help me get through my days.

One unexpected benefit of coming home was going down to my home office and finding out my aquarium was leaking. There was water all over! How is that a benefit? We were able to empty the tank before more damage was done. I only lost a couple of books. Again, Amanda came to my rescue. She worked hard with me to empty the tank and get things cleaned up.

My good news is my awesome family, especially my incredible wife.

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