Brain Savvy Leaders

There are huge numbers of leadership books published each year, many of them saying much of the same things. Do we really need another book on leadership?

Brain Savvy LeadersCharles Stone, provides a very fresh perspective on leadership with his new book, Brain Savvy Leaders.

What makes this book unique is that it is based on advances in neuroscience. Although it should be obvious, we sometimes forget that everything we do, say and think goes through our brain. Research has provided valuable information on what takes place in our brain.

Our brains are very complex computers that are designed in an amazing way. Each part plays a different role, areas that have been mapped out by scientists. Even the simplest tasks require communication in multiple parts of the brain.

Why should leaders care about neuroscience? Leaders are well aware that we do not always do and say what we should have. Things like fatigue and stress get in the way of what we want to accomplish.

The insights that Stone shares, help us to set up our brains for success. He explains what is happening in our brains when we are about to say that wrong thing and how we can avoid it.

Brain Savvy Leaders is an intriguing book and it made me wonder what was happening in my brain as I was reading and processing this information. I highly recommend this book for Christian leaders, not just for pastors, but for all who are looking to maximize their effectiveness for the kingdom of God.

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