Devotions: Revelation

A devotion based on Revelation 2:4.

Although many people see Revelation as a collection of prophecies aimed at giving us clues to the end times, it is in fact a book with the purpose of encouraging Christians under persecution. We are given a list of the recipients, seven real churches, including one in Ephesus. The church at Ephesus had some very good things, but it had also lost its first love. This criticism was not a case of kicking a church when it was down but reminding them of what they needed to get through persecution.

It is common for new Christians to be filled with passion in their early years. What Jesus did to save seems so real and present. But what happens when the Christian becomes settled? They may be involved in church, but the faith has become comfortable. There is a place for love to become more mature. Love for those married for fifty years may look different than that of newlyweds. But it should not be a lesser love.Christians should seek to grow both in the knowledge and love of God.


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